Live Auction

Our live auction will begin at 8pm GMT on Sunday the 1st March at our post concert reception.

Auction Guide

If you win the auction item you have the following methods to make payment:

1. To pay you can simply go to our Eventbrite page, click donation, and then transfer the winning bid amount.

2. You can credit our bank account directly

Account name: Australian Bushfire Benefit London
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Sortcode: 309897
Account Number: 85975960

Once we see your payment has been processed (typically we receive real time updates) we will contact you to arrange delivery/collection.

Thank you for your support

Disbursement of funds*

All ticket revenues, donations received before the event and proceeds from the two charity auctions will be divided equally between the following four Australian bushfire charities:

1. Lifeline Australia |

2. Salvation Army—Emergency Services Relief Project |

3. Australian Bushfire Appeal—WWF Australia |

4. Australian Bush Heritage |

All cash collected today at the event will be sent to:    

  1. The Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation |

Firesticks provides  Indigenous leadership, advocacy and action to protect Country through cultural fire and land management practices  

2. Leah & David—Bushfire Emergency Appeal |

Leah Milston and David Wallace lost their home, their belongings and their beautiful bookshop during the Mogo, NSW bush fires on New Year’s Eve. 

Leah wrote the poem, ‘7 Days’, which Samuel Sakker, a family friend, is reading today.

* All funds will be transferred to Australia at the best exchange rates and fee free by Event Partner—FairFX

A head and shoulders portrait by international artist & Tait Memorial Trust Patron, June Mendoza AO.OBE.RP.ROI

Watch: The Queen and the Royal Portrait Painter

June Mendoza AO.OBE.RP.ROI.HonSWA is a member, amongst other art societies societies, of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. She is one of the world’s foremost portrait painters. She undertakes commissions for portrait painting on a wide range of subjects, examples of which are displayed on this Internet gallery. Her commissioned work includes a number of portraits of the Queen and members of the Royal family, foreign dignitaries and a wide range of portraits of personalities from the Arts, Music, Government, Business and the professions. Her commissioned Group portraits include the House of Commons, the Australian House of Representatives, City Guilds and Boards of many companies and institutions. Please enjoy visiting her internet gallery of commissioned portraits and subjects she chooses to paint from all walks of life.

Gabriela Kemarre

Utopia, Northern Territory

Food Gathering Dreaming

synthetic polymer paint on linen

124.5 x 70.5 cm

The painting is by Gabriela Kemarre and is amazingly the first painting to ever have been produced at Utopia (Central Australia). The painting is about the regeneration that occurs after a bushfire. The black circles represent seeds which grow only after a fire. It is a painting of hope.

The work has great provenance as it was exhibited at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Her work is also held in important public collections, such as the National Gallery of Australia. 

Painting donated by:


2a Conway Street, London W1T 2BA United Kingdom

Phone:  + 44 (0)20 7255 2828

28 Charlotte Street, London W1T 2NA United Kingdom

Phone  + 44 (0)20 7255 2828


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